Youtuber Tmartn is a famous YouTube personality best known for its gaming videos which he posting on his YouTube channel namely Tmartn. He became more popular after posting his gaming videos naming “Call of Duty” it is a video game franchise and he also posts other games on his channel. He has been active on the website since 2010, and also run YouTube blog along with his girlfriend Chelsea Kreiner. Over the years have grown to the million and he has switched to other social media platforms such as Twitter and other gaming platforms.
Youtuber Tmartn his house and net worth

How rich is Tmartn? As some early resources, he has a net worth of $ 1.5 million, this is only earned through his YouTube videos. His popularity on the YouTube has led them to other business opportunities. His career, as well as wealth, will continue to increase. He is regularly posted his gaming video on YouTube and other social media platform. He runs three channels continuously and his first channel has over three million subscribers. He mainly focuses on “Call of duty” video game franchise which is one of the highest earning franchises in the history.

Youtuber Tmartn his age, height, education, and career
He was born on 4 September 1992, in Florida USA. He has a height of 4 inches with green eyes and brown hair. Before starting a career as youtuber, he studied finance during her college days. He is actually the game owner and producer of the gambling site and he has been lying to his viewers. He has never been disclosing that he is the founder of his gambling site until he caught. He uploads several videos a week, which can earn more than 100,000 views and his most popular video has over 6 million views.

Who areyoutuber Tmartn and his girlfriend?
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