How to make sure you get the best Yamaha digital piano with weighted keys

A digital piano is considered as an electronic key-weighted keyboard. However, you have to evaluate certain features to decide whether or not it is the best Yamaha digital piano. Especially considering that they are the option to which the beginners of this instrument resorts.
Ensuring whether a device is good or not, or whether it can be considered the most prosperous Yamaha digital piano with weighted keys is possible if certain parameters of keyboards are evaluated. These range from polyphony, to the action of the hammer and the voices capable of reproducing.

There are three models that can be compared, quarreling each other for considering the best digital keyboard. It is the P-45 – legendary between the Yamaha models, the P-125 and the DGX-660 – which is positioned as one of the best creations of the Japanese company.
So, and starting with the type of action of the hammer, all three are GHS type, ieGraded Hammer Standard. However, within these variations there may be the standard hammer graduated, the hammer graduated the 3 with ivory caps, the natural wood GH and X.
As all belong to the musicians’ jargon, with which you hold a GHS is enough. In fact, this can determine, just like your polyphony, how good a keyboard is compared to another. The P-125 and the DGX-660, in that sense, triple the capacity of the P-45. While the former has 192, the latter has just 64.
This rewards it with other appreciable characteristics in a Yamaha electronic keyboard for beginners; for example, dimensions and weight, which help make it more compact.
However, in terms of voices, rhythms and accompaniment styles, the DGX-660 sweeps the first two, combining as many features as possible for an electronic instrument.
Of course, this represents an abysmal difference in qualities and advantages, but also in price, because it rises above one thousand dollars, far exceeding the 500 that can cost the models of the P series.

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