Eric Andre, the best of him

The American humorist Eric Andre from a family based in Boca Raton Florida whose father was Haitian and his Jewish mother practitioner which leads the comedian to define himself as black and Jewish, very young decides to study and train at an arts academy in West Palm Beach and then at Berklee College of Music without knowing that there would come to develop his future career as an actor and comedian.

Eric Andre’s television appearances are not exactly what brought him to fame, but his great and well-known program “The Eric Andre Show” aired on Cartoon Network for four full seasons, on the show Eric Andre mocks the typical programs of interviews and he does it for a small audience with a rather childlike style that has made him famous among a varied audience that enjoys jokes and parodies.

From the personal life of Andre is little that has been released, rumors of his love relationships have spread with beautiful women of the American artistic milieu, among them, Amber Rose, Tatyana Ali and Rosario Dawson, none of these romances have gone beyond or has even been confirmed, never married or had children.

For his participation as a co-star in some television shows and musical performances has accumulated about 500 thousand dollars without this figure or any other have been confirmed, he is continually making appearances in various television programs or creating the same other sources of income.

The guests of his shows have been the original stars or comedic double that makes each of the transmissions a space for laughter and fun, with a simulation of destruction and sarcastic comments above all of public television. The face of Eric Andre is tremendously familiar for his appearances in various series recognized by but most of all for the fame of his own show that has catapulted him as a comic actor and as a musician.

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