Do you want to live in a condominium?

Whenever you are thinking to acquire a new home, there comes something in your mind. Whether you would want a property or a condo? There are definitely different benefits which can be attached to condominium over houses. We can’t say that a residence is not a good place to live! Just make sure are on a hard and fast budget and you also want to lower your expenses on the maintenance then condo is going to be the right choice. Here are a few valid points which will tell you the advantage of a good condo over bigger houses.

Financial merits:

It has an obvious good thing about buying a condo more than a bigger house, you’ll have to spend somewhat amount. Even if you are purchasing on installments, after that your down payment will be far less as compared to the initial payment while acquiring the house. Further there’d be lesser installments too. Whenever we live in a condominium, our expenses are lessen to half because there are many things which are shared and you need not to maintain a big house. Condominium are often smaller in proportions and there is cheaper on the maintained and heating cooling mechanism also.


Condo would be safer than the usual house. There exists less risk of theft along with other issues because it’s a community that is certainly living together and there’s always a boundary wall around. It is easier to make your home secure when compared with a bigger house. Piermont Grand is going to launch and that is going to be a mega project. There are many facilities that are being offered here such as a 50m swimming pool, indoor gym, playgrounds and BBQ pits. Piermont Grand EC would have been a full entertainment package for you and your families. So what are you awaiting?

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