Without wood a fire goes out, without gossip a quarrel dies down

Could a person survive living alone? Of course, it is possible. But, life of that person can be described as the sky before the rain. I mean, it would be grey and without happiness. We live in the society and we meet a lot of new people each day. We collaborate with each other.

To cut a long story short we are all involved in constant communication through the whole life. I think, everybody know what gossiping is. And, everybody has already faced with this deal, either by chance or on purpose (it doesn’t really matter at this point). Some people agree at the thought that only wicked people with small minds can buzz and discuss other people. I also absolutely agree with this point of view.


So, let`s talk about Students` Gossiping. It would be really interesting for all to get some information about how much do students talk about other fellows or just acquaintances and something like that. Any school or college looks quiet and calm itself, but let`s enter all classrooms and open all students` secrets right now!

  • Mark, a 15 years old student, says, that if you are studying at school, practically all other students know you and if there is some gossips, they are spread very quickly. He doesn’t like gossiping itself, but when it comes to the deal, he is not against to listen to some discussions. But, at the same time, Mark thinks that gossiping can bring people nothing but soul pain and anguish.
  • School is like town, where everything you do will be surely mentioned by others – that is the thought of Trey, who is also a student. He knows that his personality can also be sometimes on the discussion, but this boy hates gossiping. Frankly speaking, Trey never gossips. One of the reasons is that he has nobody to buzz with.
  • Armin says that he never gossip. Yes, it is harmful. And, Armin sees himself as a good person. So, he doesn’t want to hurt somebody. There was a time, when other students were gossiping about him. But, fortunately, he managed to get it over and he is not gossiped now anymore.
  • Gabby has very interesting thought and it sound like if you are talked about, it hurts you, of course. But, in addition to it, it can easily lower people`s self – esteem. If a person needs someone`s idea or advice or thought, he/she will tell it. Telling everything to your friend or classmate what is in your mind about other person is the sign of poor education and bum behavior. Gabby says that it is really hard to find a true friend whom you can really trust and who can be a reliable shoulder to cry on.

Teachers` gossiping about students: good or bad?

The main rule for teachers and maybe for future teachers: never gossip about students!

If a teacher is talking to some colleagues discussing how smart and creative a student is, it can be considered as buzzing. But, if teachers speak about any student`s misbehavior, some private situations during the lesson or the break, it is not a professional teachers` talk anymore! It is just gossiping.

It can seems to you, that there is nothing so bad in it, but gossiping about students between teachers can lead to some serious consequences. For example, it can affect greatly teacher`s reputation, his/her possibility to get on well with the whole class and with each student separately. Students can just don’t trust their teacher and misbehave in purpose.
So, to not lose professional competence, teacher should always behave respectfully to their students and just in the contrary. No gossips – no problems!

In our everyday life, it is really very important to find people whom you can really trust and who will always be reliable shoulders to cry on. Choose a friend, who is not gossiping with you about others. As, he who gossips to you will gossip about you!