Do you want to gain a degree in England, but you have no idea what place to choose? We will help you to discover top educational institutions according to Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Thus, University of Oxford and Cambridge take first two positions in the list. They are followed by best colleges in London.

If you feel like studying in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, then you should pay your attention to universities in Edinburgh, Warwick, Manchester, etc.

  1. University of Oxford

Oxford has a long history and, it is on the list of most famous universities not only in Britain but also in Europe. This place draws the attention of prominent scholars and students from many foreign countries with an extraordinary approach to teaching and different courses. One can choose between 250 undergraduate degrees in a big variety of subjects. This university has 42 colleges and halls, which attract about 18,000 applicants each year.


  1. Cambridge University

This place also has a collegiate system, and it is considered to be one of the best in Europe. It is situated in one hour’s drive from London. There are 31 colleges, known for achievements in math and science. One should have A-marks for final exams at school and impressive academic and public achievements to enter this place because the acceptance is only 25%.

  1. Imperial College in London

Imperial College London was established in 1907 due to the merger of three colleges. Now, there are approximately 15, 0000 of students and 8,000 members of staff. High school graduator from more than 125 countries chooses this place to study technology, business, and science. Apart from that, a lot of brilliant politicians and government advisers were studying here.

  1. University College London

It was the first to accept students, both male and female, regardless their race and social status. You can find the main campus in Bloomsbury area. Most competitive degrees are in humanities with more than 30 applicants for one place.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

This is a popular university with the largest number of international students (about 70%). Most competitive degrees include economics, politics, law, history, and philosophy. The requirements to applicants are at least A mark on all school finals. Moreover, an acceptance rate of many postgraduate courses is as low as 7%.

  1. King’s College London

This place is popular among students, interested in research in the sphere of biometrics. The most popular degree is medical teaching, as there are six medical Reseach Centers on the territory of this college.


  1. University of Edinburgh

This university educates students since the 16th century, and it is famous in the United Kingdom and abroad. It is considered to be the spiritual and cultural centre of the UK, as it has made contribution Edinburgh Festival, which takes place every year.

  1. University of Manchester

After the merger of two universities, this place is the largest single-campus university on the British Islands. It has modern research center with a good reputation both in the UK and beyond it.

  1. University of Bristol

This university was created in 19th century as the University College Bristol, and it is in top 40 universities in the world. It is highly respected for its research work, and 11 graduators of this place became Nobel Laureates.

  1. Warwick University

This university was created in the 20th century to give students more places to study. It is one of the best universities in the sphere of research, and that is the reason why this uni is in top 50.