Not only do they entertain eager fans and encourage the game to go on, but also have their own clubs and communities to be involved with. We respect their dedication and commitment, and are going to give you some of the brightest examples of the cheerleading spirit in the USA.

1. Miami Dolphins. They are so recognizable and popular they have their own clip. And the awesome thing is, they’ve got a Facebook page as well (it’s probably the only cheerleading squad whose video went viral). Apart from appearing on the magazine covers and attracting fans with their well-staged performance, Dolphins guest-star on TV shows and act as headliners at many outreach events.

2. Washington Redskins. This Washington-based support group started in 1960s. They were first on stage in ethnic-styled, native-themed costumes, but quickly realized this was not how attentions are attracted, and changed their apparel to a more traditional one some years later. They were also named the Redskinnettes before transformation took place. Now, the Red Skins are a perfect people-pleasing community with a bunch of outstanding dancers and social performers.

at FedExField on September 14, 2014 in Landover, Maryland.

at FedExField on September 14, 2014 in Landover, Maryland.

3. Philadelphia Eagles. This squad is famous for NSFW content on their homepage. First known as the Eaglettes, they later became Liberty Belles (probably due to the hippy spirit of the 70s) and finally established themselves as Eagles. Another exclusive feature of the squad is their uniform – designed specially by Vera Wang for a FANtastic look on the field!

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This squad, also known as SwashBucklers, had to undergo a complete transformation in 1999. We can’t blame them for that decision, though, as we now enjoy the flattering color choice, compared to the Creamsicle look of the 90s. Girls are also known as active community participants, attending more than 300 socials a year.

5. New England Patriots. In 2008, this squad was the only one invited to the Chinese Olympiad to train dancers on the spot, and frankly, it was a big honor for the league. Founded in 1977 and a proud member of the community parties, New England Patriots show they are as American as apple pie by performing for the military and releasing the annual calendar for the fans to swoon over.

6. Denver Broncos. They might be upset about the recent failure, but still have something to smile about. Broncos have an online blog with a great number of followers who want to know everything about their dancing favorites, and more than 1, 500 hours of involvement in socials. They can attribute their popularity to hard work, training and civic events, which occupy a large part of their lives along with the government communities and fests.


7. Atlanta Falcons. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Falcons, first known as the Falconettes, have a great team spirit and never put their hands down in the face of trouble. As their coach and promoter mentioned, they will perform no matter what and whatever the weather, despite their recent disappointment at the games, when the team lost 4-12. However, the girls stay cheerful and bright for us to enjoy!

8. Houston Texans. Though they’ve been in the business for 12 years only, they know how to make you speechless. Houston Texans are number one cheerleading squad when it comes to fan get-togethers and journalists have been constantly reporting them to be “extremely nice” with admirers. We all know that cheerleading is no easy job, but these girls will make your game even brighter. They are also known as second to none when it comes to university performances. We can all take a break from our academic routine now.