You may not be historian at heart, but once you start to explore the old days, you’ll definitely be charmed.

1. It helps us understand the world around. History is a discipline where you can be as creative as you wish, writing term papers and dissertations on figures and personalities that inspire you. Moreover, the simple reminder that this is not fiction and that these people actually existed makes it even more awesome.


The world around us is such a complex notion, and to understand it better, we should learn history. It isn’t something that should be treated absent-mindedly – just take a look at the people who shaped our past, and you find out more about yourself than you can wish for!

2. It tells us about ourselves. By studying about our ancestors, we actually get a chance to look at different stages of human evolution. Knowing where we come from and the roots of culture enables us to build the right framework in the modern society and highly influences our choices in literature and television.

Of course, we can’t be sure it happened the way it is portrayed in the books (history is written by winners), but at least we get a glimpse of what is going on around us and how people from the 15th century had an impact on the contemporaries. If we say that history repeats itself, we can easily claim it is also the source of all political and economic argument, and to discuss that would be a great privilege for any lover of the past. You don’t necessarily need to be that into detail, just make sure you listen to the lecture!

3. It makes us more cultured. History is an art form – you learn about the world as if you would learn about the painting, and that is simply amazing. For all you students out there who wanted to reach the depths within themselves and needed some kind of catalyzer – here you are.


For a more ironic and less scientific approach, try the Horrible Histories series. They are actually awesome, with macabre pictures and funny quotes. Students would love it! Every time someone says he can do without history on the whole, our only argument is the one that deals with the present: how would you be able to seize the current situation, unless you don’t want to learn about the old days, generals, kings, and queens even briefly?

4. It makes us think. When we analyze the actions of people which led to massive historic breakouts, we kind of understand what was motivating them at the moment. George Martin says that passion and revenge make the world go round, and we cannot disagree with the man who gave us The Song of Ice and Fire, but let’s just say we have a few more things added to that cocktail by our history lessons, like love, commitment, and ambition.

5. It explains the changes. The changes that we see in the world are the direct consequences of people’s actions and if we study what made them do or say so, we will eventually learn the history of all great civilizations that existed.

Of course, you can pick from the modern history and Renaissance times, and learn something about the stone age from scratch as well (a tempting perspective, indeed), but the concept remains the same: if we read about the figures that shaped the world, we might know just a little bit better about the political powers of today. You can take history as your major course and enjoy the lectures as you explore ancient times!