The Alzheimer exterminator

The scientists have recently discovered a new cure for Alzheimer disease. The study shows that the antibody can almost clear toxic proteins from the patients’ brain and kill the disease.

People who suffer from the disease were taking the drug which is based on an immune cell from healthy people aged up to 100 years old. The test that lasted a year proved that almost all toxic amyloid plaques got washed away from the brain of people who were Alzheimer diagnosed.

The test also proved that the patients’ cognitive decline slowed down. However, the test needs to be confirmed by larger clinical trials to become an effective cure for people who suffer from Alzheimer around the world.


One of the researchers from a Zurich University Professor Roger Nitsch explained that people who have Alzheimer disease went through the treatment by taking a placebo or three different doses of the antibody called aducanumab. The treatment for people who took antibody drugs showed a great result. A year of constant taking the drug (the higher dose the better), helped the patients to recover from the disease. However, the group of patients that took placebo hasn’t shown any changes.

Compared to other studies and tests results in the past, a new discovery impresses and gives a hope. The Professor Eric Reiman, of The University of Arizona, suggested if these preliminary cognitive findings will be confirmed by larger clinical trials, the drug will become the first effective aid for Alzheimer’s disease. Despite some authors’ additional cognitive findings that sound encouraging, the professor advises not to judge aducanumab’s cognitive benefits until the results from the larger trials will be announced.

Two pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Neurimmune that are leading the study say that the experts in this field show a big interest towards the drug. The director of Edinburgh University’s Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems Dr. Tara Spires-Jones said that the researched showed a brilliant result. Patients, who suffered from Alzheimer and had a negative experience with very expensive drugs, feel better after going through the treatment.

The antibody reduces amyloid pathology in people in early stages of the disease. Dr. Tara Spires-Jones also said that she worries about the drug being denied. She explained that they don’t celebrate a win yet because many drugs that showed good results fail when being tested in the larger trials.

A newly discovered drug reduces toxic proteins that are called amyloid from mice’s and people’s brain. The bigger the dose the faster the result the patient can experience. It’s important to mention that other methods to treat the disease have no interference with the drug.


7 Alzheimer risk factors

Here are 7 issues that can provoke Alzheimer disease. Check the list of the reasons that may lead to destroying memory, thinking, and behaviour:

  1. Obesity

Excessive weight causes a lot of health issues for people so Alzheimer is not an exception. 7% of people who suffer from obesity weaken to Alzheimer.

  1. Depression

The modern world and its rhythm make adults and even teenagers feel depressed. However, you should remember that 15% of people who suffer from Alzheimer were suffering from a depression previously.

  1. Low Educational attainment

Studying and simply training your brain is a necessity. A low brain activity level accounts for 7% of the terrible disease cases.

  1. Hypertension

If you experience mid-life hypertension, be very careful as long as 8% of Alzheimer’s cases are linked to a high blood pressure.

  1. Diabetes

Problems with blood sugar control cause a defective condition of life. 3% of people with Alzheimer also suffer from diabetes.

  1. Smoking

This habit creates a long list of problems for everyone. If you don’t experience them now, you will regret this killing habit later. Smoking accounts for 11% of Alzheimer’s cases.

  1. Poor physical activity

The biggest percent of people who suffer from Alzheimer disease don’t do enough physical exercises. Therefore, being active physically means a lot when we talk about the reasons and development of the disease.

Let’s hope that a new study that reveals the drug will win the war with the Alzheimer disease and help nearly 44 million of people in the world. Take care of your health now to protect yourself from a poor life condition in the future.