If you’ve been thinking of studying in a college that looks like Hogwarts, we’ve got something in store.

1. The University of Chicago. It is a lookalike to the famous wizard academy in everything but name. Cozily located in the Hyde Park area, the University of Chicago offers a unique experience in studying courses, paired with the beautiful architecture and secluded grounds.

Though it is still in the central part of the city, some campus buildings provide that unmistakable magic feeling of being in one of Hogwarts’s four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. For those who seek a truly gothic atmosphere, there are even gargoyles on some of the buildings.


Rowling’s interest in fantastic decorative elements is vividly seen in all Harry Potter books, whether it is a grotesque figure on the façade or common hall traditions, which are mostly preserved and well-kept till now in colleges, though lacking its magical appeal.

2. Bryn Mawr College. Though not exactly Hogwarts in its full glory, the Bryn Mawr College is widely known for its stained glass masterpieces and common rooms which largely remind us of some of Joan Rowling’s most prominent creations. You can walk around campus to feel the atmosphere or visit some of the dining halls that are meant to have celebrations like Christmas or the Thanksgiving Day. Bryn Mawr, actually, had some of the finest holidays this season that took a while for Harry Potter fans to prepare.

The themed Hogwarts dinner, which included faculty distribution and pleasant surprises like giving out candies and pumpkin juice was met with a lot of buzz, and students said they were having the best time of their lives. It took place in Thomas Great Hall, which bears a strong resemblance to the magic academy’s Great Hall. Yorkshire pudding was one of the meals of the day.

3. Yale University. Sometimes, you just need that magic vibe added to your schedule. With the underground halls and secret passages that connect parts of the building, Yale is America’s oldest university and can be considered the twin brother of Hogwarts. There are twelve faculties you can choose from, like the houses in the academy, and there is this unmistakable sense of rivalry present, when you gather with other students in the community hall.

But don’t be fooled by our description: despite being very respected and well-established, Yale also has secrets to share, like, for example, the closed societies that function on the university’s grounds or elite clubs students organize to provide the best recreation. What’s more important, you can even take Harry Potter course in Yale, which is offered by the comparative religious faculty, and study the parallels between Rowling’s world and the modern realities. Not a bad choice for someone who wants to experience the enchanting atmosphere of wizard halls.

4. Cornell University. Let us not forget about Cornell, the Ivy League university that has much to offer to anyone who is remotely interested in the historic sights and the grand architecture of the past. Its campus, located on the steep hill above the lake, can be called the exact replica of Hogwarts student grounds, except there is nothing extraordinary in the lake and you won’t be able to hold a Triwizard tournament there.


For all other reasons, perhaps, Cornell is the best choice for people looking for a college atmosphere and an edge to their studies – the institution proudly boasts one of the finest athletic competitions in the state. The intrigue? They all wear red to the most matches and support their team with the university colors. There is something historical within the walls of Cornell, too, including cathedral-resembling windows and stained glass, and the Law Library with ancient chandeliers, creating the effect of candles, present in the Potter movies.