Bachelor Degree in Religious Studies is suitable for people, interested in philosophy and humanities. Next programs, which are both online and on-campus, develop useful skills and prepare students to enter the Students workforce.

American Public University

Location: Charles Town, WN;

Tuition Fees:

  • $320 per credit hour and technology fee (per course);

About the Program: graduates of this online program have deep knowledge of various religions and religious practices all across the world. Students learn about historical, philosophical and political aspects of religions and a lot of religious treats are explained to them.


College of William and Mary

Location: Williamsburg, VA;

Tuition Fees:

  • About $20,000 in-state fee and tuition;
  • About $40,000 out-of-state fee and tuition;

About the Program: this university offers a wide range of options within the Religious Studies Program so that students may choose whether to study religion in general or stop on one particular religion or its aspect.

University of Dayton

Location: Dayton, OH;

Tuition Fees:

  • About $20,000 per semester;
  • About $1,300 per credit;

About the Program: this university gives students opportunity to study religion in its various forms and aspects. Moreover, this course is suitable for those, who want to combine academic experience with the practice.

St. Thomas University

Location: Miami Garden, FL;

Tuition Fees:

  • Full-time – about $14,000 per semester;
  • Per credit hour – about $1,000;
  • Part-time tuition – about $600 per credit hour;
  • New student orientation fee – $100 one time;

About the Program: this program allows students to discover the world in different dimensions and various systems of belief. It is perfect for those students, who already hold a degree in courses, related to religion, or have transfer credits to complete this program, as this program is online one.

University of California

Location: Santa Barbare, CA;

Tuition Fees:

  • About $13,000 per year;
  • About $25,000 per year for non-resident students;

About the Program: it is one of the best Religious Programs in the United States, which provides students with thorough education in the world and tribal religion. Moreover, Department of Religious Studies has a lot of abroad internships for students.

Athens State University

Location: Athens, AL;

Tuition Fees:

  • In-state tuition – about $200 per credit hour;
  • Out-of-state tuition – about $400 per credit hour;
  • Distant learning – about $250 per credit hour;

About the Program: this is an online program, which offers effective and up-to-date education in religious studies. Students have a chance to choose any specific field of religion, including Christianity or Biblical studies.


Arizona State University

Location: Temple, AZ;

Tuition Fees:

  • Only $490 per credit hour;

About the Program: This program gives students an opportunity to study only those subjects, which correspond to the sphere of their interest. They can reject all other disciplines.

Saint Leo University

Location: St. Leo, FL

Tuition Fees:

  • About $12,000 per year for civil student;
  • About $6,000 per year for military student;

About the Program: students, who finish this program, have good career opportunities in business, health, religious and social sphere. Students can choose subjects, which are appealing to them, and study on an online basis.

Illinois Wesleyan University

Location: Bloomington, IL;

Tuition Fees:

  • About $41,000 per year;

About the Program: Students get the deep knowledge in the sphere of religion and know how to use critical thinking in other spheres. The most popular course is Biblical studies, but students are welcomed to choose among other disciplines as well.

Regent University

Location: Virginia Beach, LA;

  • Tuition Fees: Online tuition – about $400 per credit hour;
  • $250 per term – technology fee;

About the Program: There are two brilliant courses in this university – Bachelor;s Degree in Theological and Biblical Studies. Both of them open doors for graduators into the Cristian Ministry.