There comes a time when you want to be in the center of attention, and we can’t say it’s bad, though we still have to give you some warnings.

1. Never wear what you deeply care about. If you are a fan of the retail therapy and want to look gorgeous for the night out, wearing your best apparel to the college party is not a great idea. Apart from the danger of spilled drinks and tears, you will end up washing that T the day after, so we advise you to opt for something simple, yet special, like a Walmart top or a pair of jeans. The main trick? It should be replaced easily and hold little market value.

2. Open toes are bad. As we have already said, the disaster of the liquids will catch you by the end of the evening, and who on earth wants people to step on their feet on countless occasions? Believe us, this is what is going to happen if you don’t take measures – in our case, wear combat boots and Converse hybrids, just to protect your feet.


3. Don’t be the one walking late. If you are showing up to a party and having a great time, it doesn’t mean you should leave alone. If your friends want to stay, pull yourself together and wait till the fun is over. And vice versa, if you feel like you are having the best day of your life and the company is yearning to say good-bye, do not try to outsmart them by catching a taxi alone, in the night. If you are coming together, leave united as well.

4. Don’t be the person who is taking pics all the time. Yes, we understand your desire to monitor every single process that is happening at the very moment, but isn’t it better to enjoy the party and leave the camera behind? Surely, if there are cute people around and you want their faces on your computer, nobody is going to protest, but it is generally annoying to be avoiding flashes all the time. Except, of course, the occasion when you have Hollywood stars at your college parties, and that must be a very special day!

5. Try to regain composure. If you feel like you had enough and start spilling drinks and bumping into people, you know it’s time to leave. Besides, nobody wants to calm down a person who is constantly inquiring about their personal belongings, so make sure you don’t bring jewelry with you. College dorms are not the best places to show off your well-being, and your health is what matters.

6. Do not drive the crowd inside. This warning is made for your own good, because if the neighboring cops see a group of twenty people in their jeans and T shirts and apparently university emblems, they will immediately be suspicious. The more people show up to a certain place, dressed to the nines, the bigger are the chances you are going to be disturbed by the angry people from the nearby condominiums that just don’t love the sound of you celebrating.


7. Do not come uninvited. It will be a huge disrespect both for the guests and hosts. If you are not invited due to one reason or another, it doesn’t mean you have to sweat and shout like it’s the end of the world. Probably, you are a freshman and not familiar with the procedure, or they don’t want you inside because it is a private party. So basically this is not your last chance to have fun and you don’t have to worry about it!

8. Do not engage in fights. Throwing punches is not the best way to start a party, and, to tell the truth, to end it either, so it’s important that you mind your business and not take part in conflict which may turn out to be a disaster in a closed off space of students. After all, you are going to have a lot of celebrations ahead and you have to maintain stainless reputation.