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Manchester is called the music city not for nothing. It has the largest student community in the whole Europe and has given us some of the greatest bands of all time, like Oasis and the Smiths. For those who love a good fest and can’t live without open door events, Manchester would be a perfect place, thriving with young musicians and the veterans of the scene.

Justin Robertson got his diploma in the 80s, but still claims the city to be the center of the night life in the UK. He says the freshness of the rhythm can’t be ignored, and that his friends follow his recommendations and frequently perform on stage. Tesfa Williams, a DJ from the local party house, agrees, adding that Manchester has always been unique in terms of pop culture and singing. People don’t want to be with their phones all the time – they want to have fun!


It’s surprising how many young people get sucked in the atmosphere and don’t want to leave Leeds after they graduate! If there is no party in town, however, they invent their own ways to get the ball rolling. For example, there have been numerous occasions when locals started their bands, performing on small scene only, and then grew up to be one of the most aspiring young musicians in the world.

People, who have been in the industry for years, say that Leeds has an absolutely charming quality of spotting a great talent and then presenting it to the big world. The best tip? If you feel like a concert or a festival is something you would like to visit this weekend, go along no matter what your company says. Maybe you’ll finally find a beat that is true to your heart and receive inspiration from the like-minded people!


Glaswegians are widely known for being hard to please, and this rumor is true due to the historic reasons. Glasgow has always been an industrial city with a vivid party scene and cranky audience. People lived according to the motto “if you are working hard, you deserve a good rest”, and things have not changed to this day. Plus, there is a large student community in the city, which dictates the taste of the whole social class, and rock stars who are coming and going to get their fair share of applause. So, if you’ve always been picky about what you listen to, you might be surprised Glasgow is just what you need.

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This city is a whole new world for everyone who loves a good fest. Apart from being hometown to one of the most acclaimed musicians on the continent, Bristol has played a significant part in shaping the face of the modern dubstep movement. It may be hard to believe, but it has given birth to the rhythms that now conquer the dance floors around the world, and if you love an open-air social event, you should pay a visit. Besides, Bristol is a great place for a student – you can combine education with parties and be at peace.


This city has something to offer to every music fan. Whether you are an introvert and love the closed-off, basement dance clubs or you want to get the party going, you can find stuff to your liking and develop your music taste. We recommend starting with the clubs who welcome students and young people with no actual experience and then attend the events for the famous music gurus. A time of your life guaranteed!