Being creative with presents is not an easy job. Find the best way to surprise your roommates and don’t miss the holiday fun!

1. Bluetooth speaker string lights. Well, to be honest, they are just a little more than $50, but since these strings can do two things at a time – operate as speakers and illuminate the room – we give them due credit.

2. Nutella. Who doesn’t like Nutella between lectures? A perfect gift for a student on a shoestring budget – scrumptious and easy, and you don’t have to find an excuse to sample when you don’t feel like going out. This, and the Netflix channel are the student’s very best friends.


3. Unbreakable glass. Feel the party rhythms, but the risks of glass breaking are just too much? Here is what you can do – Amazon has a few hard as rock tumblers on sale which make every party jumping, so that your celebrations aren’t filled with the sound of cracking glass again!

4. A slick college planner. Don’t choose the dull monochromic planners which immediately make you think of academic papers, office hours and cramming. Opt for a colorful notebook that is going to serve you well in the upcoming semester. If you are a fan of writing down everything that your teacher says, add highlighters to the package.

5. A creative guide. You can combine a simple planner with multifunctional guide to creativity, just to keep the ball rolling. And that is going to be the best strategy if you are a liberal arts major. Besides, these kinds of planners usually contain some great thinking material as well as doodling tutorials to distract you during the lecture.

6. Mini waffle maker. For the moments when student cafeteria is just not that kind of place. A delicious start of a productive day, and it also helps you stay energized throughout the studies. What is more important, making breakfast won’t take much time! A perfect gift for your roomie in case they don’t like to spend precious hours on cooking.

7. Lava lamp. This starry delight takes you back to the 70s when day dreaming and spacing out were pretty much the same thing. If you decide that now is the time to have a little break, light the lave lamp and feel the hippy era, again.


8. The map that scratches off. For all the students who think that travelers are the wisest people in the world, we are ready to present the scratch-off map. This way, you can document the best destinations and mark the dream places you want to visit. An ideal present for someone with a severe case of wanderlust!

9. A cute laundry bag. If you think that doing chores is the worst thing that can happen to you, on campus, we are glad to introduce you to the stylish laundry bag, which will definitely help you get away with dreadful task. A funny print or an unusual design will turn boring into brilliant.

10. Reading light lamp. Designed for those, who have been searching for an excuse not to study at night, this portable device can make sitting up late a little more bearable. Besides, you can enjoy your favorite books as you flip through the pages at midnight.

11. Travel mug. Something useful this way comes, or another way to bring your student to the study room – this mug will be the cutest thing your roomie will encounter when the need to caffeinate oneself is urgent.

12. Memory book. Perhaps the most delightful thing on this list, memory book is something that you can carry around when you are going to the lectures or having latte in the nearest shop. Make sure you save every single memory of college life and campus fun!