10 best summer music festivals

If you like music, crowd, and dancing, then we have a brilliant idea how to spend your next summer holidays. Plan an unforgettable trip somewhere in Europe and spend an amazing time with your mates at one of the music festivals.

Check our top 10 summer Europe music festivals and experience probably one of the best holidays in your life!
Live music, lights, fireworks, your favorite performers…

  1. Secret Garden Party. UK.

The fest is one of the most famous and visited among young and modern people who love dancing and listening to music. The place is beautiful and surrounded by the river, lake, and landscape gardens. You can bump into the festival on the last weekend of July to enjoy all kind of music from rock to folk.


  1. Serbia.

You have probably heard about this festival because people call it an award-winning. The fest takes place in Serbia in the city called Novi Sad. This place gathers thousands of people that love partying. However, the very first time it started from a student movement. Youngsters were fighting for peace and democracy in their own country.

  1. Belgium.

If you are a fan of electronic music, visiting this festival should be your dream. It was first organized back in 2005 and nowadays the biggest electronic music fest gathers around 180.000 visitors from all over the globe. Here during 3 days you will be able to listen to the most recognized DJs live.

  1. Croatia.

This is a perfect place for people who love music, nature and writing service. People call it the most intimate and friendly summer music festival in Europe. The party takes place over 3 days. If you want to join it the next year, take care of the tickets in advance because they are usually sold before the fest in announced.

  1. Iceland Airwaves. Iceland.

The festival is another world-known annual edition of music. It takes place in the capital of the country Reykjavik and lasts for 5 days. Here you can listen to Iceland and international music and have fun with your friends. If you come alone, you will definitely find new like-minded mates from all over the planet.


  1. Bout du Monde. France.

A beautiful nature, coastline, and nice little houses – this is a wonderful place to come and enjoy a few days festival. If you are interested in music, meeting people, and relaxing, book a ticket and join the crowd.  The festival is well-known for having a family atmosphere. The fest starts on the first weekend of August which a perfect time to sunbathe and discover the city.

  1. Hungary.

One of the biggest summer music festivals in Europe was first announced in 1993. Nowadays, it attracts almost 400.000 visitors from 70 countries and offers lots of fun for people of all age. Here you will experience how a non-stop party feels, attend a live concert and meet a huge number of tourists with the same interests.

  1. Roskilde Festival. Denmark.

A modern music festival that takes place in Roskilde, west of Copenhagen lasts a week. The festival was originally organized for hippies, however, now people come here to enjoy rock, Hip Hop, Metal, urban, electronic and 3rd world contemporary music. Here you also can watch surprising performances by classical acts, film-music, and opera.

  1. Insomnia Festival. Norway.

This summer music festival is quite young; however, it gathers new electronic and techno music artists. Join the next edition of energetic and original performances with your friends and look around Tromsø – a gorgeous city in northern Norway.

  1. Colours of Ostrava. The Czech Republic.

A multi-genre music festival that takes place in Ostrava has brought a lot of talented DJs. The fest is usually held on the second or third week of July and lasts for 4 days. Every visitor can enjoy theatre, workshops, discussions and films apart from listening to music and watching a live performance.

Choose a destination that seems perfect for you and spend a really amazing summer holidays away from home for the first time in your student life. Arrange a tour around Europe with your college mates and combine discovering beautiful cities with partying days and nights.